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Wray-Tech Supplies is a leading UK Independent Insulation Supplier with over 40 years of experience within the building industry, in a diverse range of critical areas including Fire-rated Insulation Products, Acoustic materials, Vapor Barrier Systems, Thermal Insulation, Mineral Wool Insulation, Eco-friendly Insulation Solutions, Sustainable Insulation Materials, Drylining, and External Façades.

We supply Insulation to various industries including contractors, national developers, house builders, groundworkers, roofers, screeders, dryliners, brickworkers, or self-build individuals.

Here’s what sets us apart…

Extensive Availability: Enjoy access to an unlimited range of insulation stock, ensuring you always find what you need.

Swift Deliveries Nationwide: With hundreds of delivery options at your disposal, expect fast and reliable delivery services tailored to meet your project timelines, and potentially same-day delivery can be arranged. Benefit from nationwide delivery capabilities through our expansive network of delivery options, ensuring prompt access to specialist insulation products wherever you are.

Dedicated Technical Support: Our team of experts is committed to providing you with the assistance you need, offering guidance and expertise every step of the way.

Call 0203 929 3999 or share details about your project by completing our project support form, and our experts will promptly follow up with you.

Customised Solutions: We work closely with manufacturers to provide unique products specifically suited to your application, including precise cutting of insulation materials to size and shape, for instance…

  • Ventilated and Unventilated Rainscreen Barriers: Addressing different cavity sizes and airflow requirements with precision.
  • Linear and Trapezoidal Firestop Systems: Seal gaps seamlessly, serving as robust barriers against fire hazards.
  • Insulated Damp Proof Course (DPC): Providing effective moisture barrier solutions while offering thermal insulation properties, ensuring comprehensive protection against dampness, and preventing fire and acoustic cold bridging.
  • Cut PIR (Polyisocyanurate) Insulation: Offering high-performance thermal insulation solutions, that are customisable to fit specific project requirements, effectively minimising cold bridging.

Technical Products


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